May Blooms

In order to avoid the apparent exasperation my better half of 11 years seems to feel with my forgetfulness, I'm using this blog to document what's blooming when. Spring is such an exciting time - especially this spring, as we've had such true, spring-like weather. I rather like to think that Winter found Spring - and they started chatting - and Winter decided that s/he really didn't want to leave...but something finally convinced her. Maybe the Sun.

So. Here's what's in bloom in early May at the Coahuila Garden: Paradise is! Our infinitesimally small bit of it, anyway. In the fruit and veg. (err, and legume) department, you'd never guess what these classic little black and white flirts are:


No idea? Fava bean flowers! Remember them little plants (scroll down)? Who would have thought these flowers would be so very simple and yet completely marvellous?

Sugar snap peas have been growing strong:

And the pomegranate is covered in bright waxy reds reminiscent of Christmas:IMGP3147

Elsewhere, we have some wild and free things doing their thing, so beautifully, in the back corner by the Gate to Elsewhere:


Lantana's about to launch into months and months of flowers:

Oh Dill. We do heart you, and we hope the insects will, too!

We picked up a few of these hybrid Gaillardia plants on sale at Lowe's. They've been a bit thirsty of late, but that might be just because they're not used to where they're at. Grand and sweet things:

Out front, in the courtyard, the Lenten Rose is still holding on to its spent blooms, with just one tiny one poking through the base of one of the two plants:

Jacobinia, a new plant for us, is starting to show us what's what:

After acclimating to her new environment, the Mexican Flame Vine is starting to do fancy fancy here, along one of the front courtyard walls:

Just like a little prayer to the sun:

Just outside the courtyard, African Iris is still blooming:

Tiny nasturtiums suddenly started to bloom a few weeks ago:

Here's one of my tiny favourite places, with wild pink Oxalis and Salvia in the front bed:

The pink guara we bought from Cornelius Nursery seems to be doing well here, too, teeny though she still is:

I saved my favourite for last. Beneath the (Texas native) Bald Cypres tree in the back is a bed of Blue-black salvias. More than just colour, which is striking in and of itself, look at how delicate and graceful the stalks are:


And then -

I hope you find your way to Arcadia today!