Butterfly birth!

We can't say we saw the entire mystery of their birth from start to finish. They landed, as Fate would have it, on the butterfly bush, and ate every single leaf off of that plant.


There were eight of them.

But then, as suddenly as they had appeared...

...they disappeared.

We thought they had packed up their hobo bags for greener pastures.

Until today, when, purely by chance, we found one, looking rather different from our last encounter:

I swear I had watered that amaryllis nearly everyday this past week and never saw that magical little butterfly in her golden castle, not even once.


Before we could figure out logistics to get a plate of fruit out for this marvellous creature, s/he had flown up to the gutter, rested and stretched for a half minute, and then taken off - paddling in the air, until we couldn't see any longer.

Best birthday ever. Happy birthday, monarch.