A Lepidopteran Love Affair

It's confirmed. My better half and I are have fallen in love with the butterflies we have chanced to see over the past year of living in our new house. I knew this to be true for myself - but wasn't sure about my other half until he asked me whether I wouldn't be bringing more caterpillars/eggs in to shelter. That's when I knew...


Over the last month, we have helped raise and shelter, and then release, over a dozen Monarchs and Swallowtails. I've even had a chance to rescue two bird-poop-resembling Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars (who are now doing their Mystical Transformation in the safety of the Butterfly Love Hut chez moi). But only recently have I had the absolute pleasure to see Pipevine Swallowtails completely dessimate the Brazilian Pipe Vine out front, near the Loquat tree. See here:


There used to be a plant there, honest! Luckily for me, my dear neighbours have a small pipevine growing in their courtyard, so I went over to ask them for the proverbial "cup of sugar," and they graciously parted with two lengths of leaves from their plant. It didn't take long for the caterpillars to discover these and begin to chew...


And chew...IMGP4296

And chew!IMGP4297

Counting no less than an even dozen caterpillars, I am hoping and praying that they all survive... and that I can share with you their other-worldly transformation soon.

See you in Arcadia!