Gardening in June...

...We're batting down the hatches with lots of mulch for the plants (thank you, neighbors and your raked up oak leaves, which we went about collecting in the Winter and early Spring). My better half is discovering that he must stoop so low and buy a gardening hat. Right now he makes do with a towel. What can I say? In our burgeoning quest to turn our boring suburban garden into a cottage garden that invites the re-creation of a healthy garden ecosystem, we delight in colour - Cool colours here:

2011-05-BCMPlease meet, from top left to bottom right: Beautiful Borage, Super Scabiosa, Bombastic Bachelors' Buttons, Fairy Fernleaf Lavender, Sanguine Salvia, Awesome Agapanthus, Phantastmagorical Phillipine Violet, Gorgeous Gaura.

And we have hot, piquant colours, too, taking the shapes of:
2014-06-10Mega-Marvellous Mexican Flame Vine, Spectacular Sunflowers - a few different kinds there, Ravaging Rudbeckia hirta, Tender Teddybear Sunflowers, Tantalizing-for-bees Turks' Cap, Beneficial Bicolored Butterfly Weed, Nearly-done Nasturtiums. (I think they've just about had it with the sun!)

Our dream of growing our own food is far from reality, but we get small glimpses of this here, now:
2014-06-101Meet: Parsley, Thai Basil, Persian Cucumbers, Self-sown Arugula (my better half warns me they won't survive; I say, let Nature do what She will because She's a whole lot smarter than we are), Squash, Tomatoes, Self-seeding Green Onions (bought at the grocery store, initially, and now growing freely in the raised boxes), Genovese Basil, and Cayenne Peppers!

It's such a rare and beautiful gift, to garden, and I thank my lucky stars for being able to have this Temple outside to care for.

See you in Arcadia!