Hi-lites of late Pt. 3: Gosh-darned beautiful plants

So very many things are happening in the garden now, it's becoming difficult to document them all. "Ha," - Mother Nature says - "I haven't even gotten started yet. Just you wait."

Well, we've waited all winter! And, it has been a long winter. We'll be ready!

One note: I was beyond happy to find the Lenten Rose - Hellebore - at Cornelius Nursery a few weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of Carol Klein's Life in a Cottage Garden Series which aired 2 or so years ago, which is how I got to know about, and fell in love with, Hellebore. I hope the two plants do well here, in hot and humid and unforgiving Texas-in-the-Summer.

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Garden Hymn | A basket of Plums
[audio m4a="http://coahuilagarden.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2-06-Garden-Hymn.m4a"][/audio]

Isn't this Arcadia now?